About Me:

My name is Philip Kahn and I am the owner of Digital Jive Services. I jumped into the high technology sector after earning an MA in history and I founded Digital Jive in 1996 while working for Apple Computer. After managing their Canadian call centre for two years I joined Rogers Media where I was involved with several websites and publications, the biggest being Advisor.ca. I spent two years as the Manager of Outsourced Technical Support for The Jen X Network and played a similar role at Interlink, a Toronto based ISP and Technical Support company. I am currently a Business Analyst with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, part of the Ontario Public Service.

Photo of me in the middle of a maze.

I live off the Danforth in Toronto with my wife, two daughters, a Golden Retriever and my Mac. I play poor soccer but drink good port. While this site is mainly for business, I do maintain a History Quotes page. Finally, along with my wife and some friends, I was part of a very enjoyable Book Club, sadly now defunct.